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Welcome to my website. Last updated 17 May 2017
This site can now support DNA test results. My haplogroup is now confirmed as R-S1732 at Family Tree DNA

What is the likelihood of two or more people with the same surname sharing a common ancestor within 200, 500 or 1000 years? Even with parish or manorial records, there is no guarantee of finding or even confirming a genetic link to another family of the same name. One way of testing the relatedness of two or more people with the same surname is to test the STR markers of the male 'Y' chromosome, best explained in the blog post 'DNA explained' by Roberta Estes in the Featured Links section
I have tested 111 markers.

Any male with the surname Sampson or Samson can take a Y-DNA test to build a more accurate genetic blueprint of our name and its origins, and the Sams DNA Project at World Families currently has 5 members and 45 DNA results.

Is my paternal line connected to the Suffolk families from Harkstead, Kersey & Playford who were also active in North Norfolk near my own family in the Tudor period. Mayflower pilgrim Henry Samson from Henlow, Bedfordshire is in the haplogroup I-M223 and is not related to my line.

My autosomal DNA test results from Ancestry show an estimated mix of 57% Ireland, 24% Scandanavian, 10% Western Europe 3% Iberian Peninsula. Living DNA has greater coverage of UK regions and a link to view my results is on the Resource links to the right

If you have a known connection to any branch, registration is free so please take the time to register and let me know the branch to which you are connected

The database contains around 136,000 names, mainly from England, Wales and Scotland with about 10-15% duplicates.
Some data has been gained from gedcoms from World Connect and other internet sites. Acknowledgement of source will be given if missing from data. Please let me know.

Image of Charles Sampson's tailor shop in Uttoxeter courtesy of Staffordshire Past Track

10 May 2016

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