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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SAMPSON, Constance Mary  Est Mar 1911Edmonton I19046


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 POTTER, Philadelphia  1888Edmonton I3165
2 SAMPSON, Alfred  Jan-Mar 1923Edmonton I103765
3 SAMPSON, Amy A  Apr-Jun 1918Edmonton I103235
4 SAMPSON, Anne N  Jan-Mar 1950Edmonton I106571
5 SAMPSON, Annie  Oct-Dec 1962Edmonton I108220
6 SAMPSON, Beatrice A  Jan-Mar 1942Edmonton I105689
7 SAMPSON, Daisy  Oct-Dec 1939Edmonton I105390
8 SAMPSON, Dora  Apr-Jun 1943Edmonton I105759
9 SAMPSON, Doreen D  Jan-Mar 1943Edmonton I105777
10 SAMPSON, Edith M  Oct-Dec 1943Edmonton I105829
11 SAMPSON, Edward C  Jan-Mar 1951Edmonton I106707
12 SAMPSON, Elsie L  Jan-Mar 1919Edmonton I103385
13 SAMPSON, Emma Ann  Jul-Sep 1904Edmonton I101702
14 SAMPSON, Ernestine B__ta  Oct-Dec 1885Edmonton I117014
15 SAMPSON, Female  Apr-Jun 1878Edmonton I115949
16 SAMPSON, Frances S  Jul-Sep 1912Edmonton I102696
17 SAMPSON, George E  Jan-Mar 1945Edmonton I106013
18 SAMPSON, Hannah L  Jan-Mar 1953Edmonton I106973
19 SAMPSON, James  Oct-Dec 1904Edmonton I101751
20 SAMPSON, James  Apr-Jun 1924Edmonton I103841
21 SAMPSON, John  Jul-Sep 1837Edmonton I111660
22 SAMPSON, John  Oct-Dec 1900Edmonton I101207
23 SAMPSON, John F  Apr-Jun 1915Edmonton I102948
24 SAMPSON, John M  Jan-Mar 1943Edmonton I105791
25 SAMPSON, John R  Jan-Mar 1924Edmonton I103874
26 SAMPSON, Kate  Apr-Jun 1929Edmonton I104301
27 SAMPSON, Katherine  Apr-Jun 1916Edmonton I103044
28 SAMPSON, Lily  Apr-Jun 1908Edmonton I102200
29 SAMPSON, Lionel V  Apr-Jun 1922Edmonton I118320
30 SAMPSON, Louise E  Oct-Dec 1934Edmonton I104861
31 SAMPSON, Lucy C  Jul-Sep 1920Edmonton I103515
32 SAMPSON, Mabel J  Oct-Dec 1935Edmonton I104963
33 SAMPSON, Margaret  Apr-Jun 1872Edmonton I115122
34 SAMPSON, Mary  Jan-Mar 1939Edmonton I105360
35 SAMPSON, Mary Jane  Apr-Jun 1909Edmonton I102318
36 SAMPSON, Maude B  Apr-Jun 1936Edmonton I104995
37 SAMPSON, May  Apr-Jun 1904Edmonton I101636
38 SAMPSON, Nellie  Jan-Mar 1952Edmonton I106857
39 SAMPSON, Peter Henry  Oct-Dec 1961Edmonton I30400
40 SAMPSON, Rachel  Apr-Jun 1933Edmonton I104688
41 SAMPSON, Rebecca Ann  Oct-Dec 1875Edmonton I115664
42 SAMPSON, Reginald B  Jan-Mar 1936Edmonton I105040
43 SAMPSON, Richard George  Apr-Jun 1907Edmonton I102083
44 SAMPSON, Richard M  Jul-Sep 1956Edmonton I107416
45 SAMPSON, Rosetta Elizabeth  Apr-Jun 1881Edmonton I116354
46 SAMPSON, Rowland Arthur  Jul-Sep 1883Edmonton I116730
47 SAMPSON, Sarah A  Jan-Mar 1933Edmonton I104720
48 SAMPSON, Sidney  Apr-Jun 1948Edmonton I125622
49 SAMPSON, Sidney Thomas  Jan-Mar 1949Edmonton I84036
50 SAMPSON, Susannah  Oct-Dec 1879Edmonton I116193

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNETT / SAMPSON  Jan-Mar 1912Edmonton F1896
2 SAMPSON / EVANS  Mar 1922Edmonton F8731
3 SAMSON / JONES  Sep 1922Edmonton F10400