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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WRIGHT, Kate  Est 1880Chelsea I19045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 SAMPSON, Agnes  Oct-Dec 1931Chelsea I104556
2 SAMPSON, Arthur  Oct-Dec 1896Chelsea I100645
3 SAMPSON, Austin  Jan-Mar 1863Chelsea I114049
4 SAMPSON, Beatrice Emily  Jan-Mar 1978Chelsea I109209
5 SAMPSON, Cecil J W  Oct-Dec 1968Chelsea I109091
6 SAMPSON, Charles  Jan-Mar 1909Chelsea I102344
7 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  Jan-Mar 1911Chelsea I102557
8 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  Oct-Dec 1943Chelsea I105833
9 SAMPSON, Ellen J D  Apr-Jun 1939Chelsea I105313
10 SAMPSON, Eva  Apr-Jun 1951Chelsea I106671
11 SAMPSON, Francis  Oct-Dec 1849Chelsea I112906
12 SAMPSON, Frederick George  Apr-Jun 1885Chelsea I116900
13 SAMPSON, George  Apr-Jun 1884Chelsea I116783
14 SAMPSON, Hannah  Jan-Mar 1920Chelsea I103483
15 SAMPSON, Harriett  Jul-Sep 1856Chelsea I113529
16 SAMPSON, Harry  Jan-Mar 1949Chelsea I106478
17 SAMPSON, Henry Austin  Apr-Jun 1856Chelsea I113503
18 SAMPSON, Kate E  Apr-Jun 1948Chelsea I106339
19 SAMPSON, Mary  Oct-Dec 1847Chelsea I112680
20 SAMPSON, Mary  Apr-Jun 1879Chelsea I116090
21 SAMPSON, Mary A  Apr-Jun 1941Chelsea I105557
22 SAMPSON, Sarah  Jan-Mar 1888Chelsea I117365
23 SAMPSON, Sarah  Apr-Jun 1889Chelsea I117445
24 SAMPSON, Sarah  Jan-Mar 1941Chelsea I105603
25 SAMPSON, Selina  Jul-Sep 1917Chelsea I103209
26 SAMPSON, Sydney G  Oct-Dec 1960Chelsea I107977
27 SAMPSON, Vertue E  Jul-Sep 1918Chelsea I103304
28 SAMPSON, William  Jul-Sep 1885Chelsea I116998
29 SAMPSON, William  Jul-Sep 1885Chelsea I116999
30 SAMPSON, William  Apr-Jun 1924Chelsea I103852
31 SAMPSON, William Edward  Oct-Dec 1883Chelsea I116769
32 SAMPSON, William Edward  Jul-Sep 1897Chelsea I100779
33 SAMSON, Anna Stefania  Jul-Sep 1979Chelsea I103008
34 SAMSON, Guy  Apr-Jun 1959Chelsea I107734
35 SAMSON, Mary Margaret  Oct-Dec 1864Chelsea I114245
36 SAMSON, Thursa  Jul-Sep 1963Chelsea I108365


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FORD / SAMPSON  Apr-Jun 1912Chelsea F6335