Norwich, Norfolk


City/Town : Latitude: 52.6224947222222, Longitude: 1.2949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth Sarah  Abt 1862Norwich, Norfolk I110525
2 Mary Anne  1831Norwich, Norfolk I24721
3 BOUGHTON, Sarah Jane  Abt 1847Norwich, Norfolk I14245
4 BUTTEFANT, Harcourt S  1839Norwich, Norfolk I99976
5 BUTTEFANT, Henry  1841Norwich, Norfolk I100085
6 CLARKE, Sarah  1846Norwich, Norfolk I53945
7 CUTLER, Charles Newman  Mar 1801Norwich, Norfolk I65393
8 CUTLER, Thomas  Mar 1807Norwich, Norfolk I65238
9 DOLMAN, Susannah  Est 1795Norwich, Norfolk I76628
10 HATCH, Alice Ann  Est 1857Norwich, Norfolk I148840
11 HAYHOW, Mabel Alice  1882Norwich, Norfolk I18033
12 HOBART, Sir John  1593Norwich, Norfolk I32830
13 IVES, Ann  1683Norwich, Norfolk I83649
14 IVES, Mary  1685Norwich, Norfolk I83648
15 IVES, Susanna  1688Norwich, Norfolk I83398
16 IVES, Thomas  1687Norwich, Norfolk I83647
17 JOHNSON, Sarah Ann  Abt 1811Norwich, Norfolk I44289
18 NEWMAN, Ann  3 Jun 1767Norwich, Norfolk I65235
19 NEWMAN, Charlotte  1843Norwich, Norfolk I77877
20 NEWMAN, George  1809Norwich, Norfolk I44353
21 NEWMAN, James  22 Sep 1770Norwich, Norfolk I65232
22 NEWMAN, James  1781Norwich, Norfolk I44354
23 NEWMAN, James  1808Norwich, Norfolk I53120
24 NEWMAN, Joseph  23 Dec 1764Norwich, Norfolk I63449
25 NEWMAN, Mary  2 Jan 1769Norwich, Norfolk I65234
26 NEWMAN, Richard  11 Mar 1777Norwich, Norfolk I65231
27 NEWMAN, Richard Sampson  25 Apr 1775Norwich, Norfolk I63448
28 NEWMAN, Thomas Sampson  18 Oct 1772Norwich, Norfolk I65236
29 NEWMAN, Walter James  1850Norwich, Norfolk I84191
30 PIGG, Charlotte  1814Norwich, Norfolk I53121
31 SAMPSON, Abner  Norwich, Norfolk I44745
32 SAMPSON, Alfred James  20 Dec 1883Norwich, Norfolk I2235
33 SAMPSON, Alice  1860Norwich, Norfolk I105408
34 SAMPSON, Alice  1870Norwich, Norfolk I47943
35 SAMPSON, Alice Louisa  1861Norwich, Norfolk I23448
36 SAMPSON, Clara  1872Norwich, Norfolk I53952
37 SAMPSON, Edward John  24 Sep 1899Norwich, Norfolk I44124
38 SAMPSON, Eliza  1857Norwich, Norfolk I18136
39 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  1710Norwich, Norfolk I44178
40 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  1718Norwich, Norfolk I38935
41 SAMPSON, Elizabeth A  Abt 1835Norwich, Norfolk I53124
42 SAMPSON, Ellen Jane  1865Norwich, Norfolk I26330
43 SAMPSON, Emily  Oct-Dec 1858Norwich, Norfolk I105316
44 SAMPSON, George  Abt 1533Norwich, Norfolk I1960
45 SAMPSON, George England  Apr-Jun 1860Norwich, Norfolk I24941
46 SAMPSON, George Thomas Hayton  16 Jan 1865Norwich, Norfolk I25989
47 SAMPSON, Gertrude  1879Norwich, Norfolk I53953
48 SAMPSON, Gladys Rose  20 Jul 1921Norwich, Norfolk I44348
49 SAMPSON, Hannah  1849Norwich, Norfolk I105275
50 SAMPSON, Harold Charles  Oct-Dec 1881Norwich, Norfolk I29405

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SAMPSON, Ann Maria  24 Oct 1824Norwich, Norfolk I44338
2 SAMPSON, Harriet  25 Dec 1822Norwich, Norfolk I44137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CUTLER, Thomas  Aug 1810Norwich, Norfolk I65238
2 LACK, Elizabeth  Feb 1794Norwich, Norfolk I105659
3 NEWMAN, Joseph  Sep 1807Norwich, Norfolk I59988
4 PAPE, Susan  Dec 1719Norwich, Norfolk I4522
5 SAMPSON, Ada  Apr-Jun 1983Norwich, Norfolk I111614
6 SAMPSON, Alan R  Oct-Dec 1949Norwich, Norfolk I106507
7 SAMPSON, Albert William  Feb 2000Norwich, Norfolk I16071
8 SAMPSON, Albert William  Feb 2000Norwich, Norfolk I111605
9 SAMPSON, Alice  Oct-Dec 1873Norwich, Norfolk I115324
10 SAMPSON, Alice  Jan-Mar 1875Norwich, Norfolk I115561
11 SAMPSON, Alice A  Apr-Jun 1933Norwich, Norfolk I104673
12 SAMPSON, Ann  Jan-Mar 1888Norwich, Norfolk I117337
13 SAMPSON, Anne  May 1803Norwich, Norfolk I19129
14 SAMPSON, Anne  May 1991Norwich, Norfolk I104708
15 SAMPSON, Arthur A  Jul-Sep 1866Norwich, Norfolk I114420
16 SAMPSON, Ashley Patrick  Dec 1987Norwich, Norfolk I103831
17 SAMPSON, Barbara Jean  15 Sep 2009Norwich, Norfolk I110760
18 SAMPSON, Beatrice E  Jul-Sep 1967Norwich, Norfolk I108900
19 SAMPSON, Caroline Johnson  Oct-Dec 1843Norwich, Norfolk I112261
20 SAMPSON, Caroline Johnson  Oct-Dec 1871Norwich, Norfolk I115071
21 SAMPSON, Charles Edward  Aug 1988Norwich, Norfolk I106597
22 SAMPSON, Charlotte  Jan-Mar 1893Norwich, Norfolk I118017
23 SAMPSON, Daisy  Jul-Sep 1885Norwich, Norfolk I116969
24 SAMPSON, Desmond Thomas P  Dec 1993Norwich, Norfolk I110483
25 SAMPSON, Doreen Alma  18 Oct 2012Norwich, Norfolk I46506
26 SAMPSON, Dorothy Rose  Mar 1995Norwich, Norfolk I110519
27 SAMPSON, Edgar R  Oct-Dec 1939Norwich, Norfolk I105391
28 SAMPSON, Edward John  Jul-Sep 1973Norwich, Norfolk I113097
29 SAMPSON, Edward Norman D  Apr-Jun 1964Norwich, Norfolk I31629
30 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  1714Norwich, Norfolk I38934
31 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  Oct-Dec 1919Norwich, Norfolk I103440
32 SAMPSON, Elizabeth  Jan-Mar 1973Norwich, Norfolk I106020
33 SAMPSON, Ellen Jane  Oct-Dec 1865Norwich, Norfolk I114331
34 SAMPSON, Ellen M  Oct-Dec 1950Norwich, Norfolk I106642
35 SAMPSON, Emily  Apr-Jun 1847Norwich, Norfolk I112586
36 SAMPSON, Emily  Apr-Jun 1855Norwich, Norfolk I113411
37 SAMPSON, Emily  Apr-Jun 1898Norwich, Norfolk I100832
38 SAMPSON, Eric George  May 1994Norwich, Norfolk I109724
39 SAMPSON, Eric Maxwell  Jan 2001Norwich, Norfolk I110155
40 SAMPSON, Ernest Claude  Jul 1994Norwich, Norfolk I111073
41 SAMPSON, Ernest Edward  May 1996Norwich, Norfolk I110124
42 SAMPSON, Fanny E  Jul-Sep 1966Norwich, Norfolk I108770
43 SAMPSON, Florence  Apr-Jun 1934Norwich, Norfolk I104780
44 SAMPSON, Frances E  Oct-Dec 1918Norwich, Norfolk I103323
45 SAMPSON, Frederick  May 1991Norwich, Norfolk I22532
46 SAMPSON, Frederick Charles  Apr 1993Norwich, Norfolk I109308
47 SAMPSON, Frederick E  Jan-Mar 1953Norwich, Norfolk I106968
48 SAMPSON, Geoffrey George  Apr 1988Norwich, Norfolk I120340
49 SAMPSON, George  Jan-Mar 1853Norwich, Norfolk I113268
50 SAMPSON, George  Oct-Dec 1854Norwich, Norfolk I113389

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 TOWNER, Charles  9 Jan 1888Norwich, Norfolk I80197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SAMPSON, George  1558Norwich, Norfolk I1960
2 SAMPSON, Walter  1587Norwich, Norfolk I45357
3 SAMPSON, William  1794Norwich, Norfolk I111775


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ELWIN / SAMPSON  Apr-Jun 1912Norwich, Norfolk F6200
2 IVES / UTBER  1677Norwich, Norfolk F23884
3 SAMPSON / BETTS  Apr-Jun 1912Norwich, Norfolk F2148
4 SAMPSON / FISH  25 Sep 1920Norwich, Norfolk F20028
5 SAMPSON / HATCH  Oct-Dec 1880Norwich, Norfolk F46813
6 SAMPSON / JOHNSON  1828Norwich, Norfolk F22778
7 SAMPSON / PRESENT  30 Jun 1774Norwich, Norfolk F47241
8 SAMPSON / TAYLOR  1878Norwich, Norfolk F8770
9 SAMPSON / THURSTON  1558Norwich, Norfolk F632