Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 SAMPSON, Ada Ellen  Apr-Jun 1863Newington I114025
2 SAMPSON, Benjamin  Jul-Sep 1858Newington I113746
3 SAMPSON, Elizabeth Hannah  Jan-Mar 1842Newington I112110
4 SAMPSON, Emma Eliza  Jul-Sep 1858Newington I113754
5 SAMPSON, Frederick Cuthbert  Oct-Dec 1863Newington I114112
6 SAMPSON, Henry  Jul-Sep 1858Newington I113759
7 SAMPSON, Mary  Oct-Dec 1851Newington I113115
8 SAMPSON, Mary  Apr-Jun 1863Newington I114039
9 SAMPSON, Montague Russell  Oct-Dec 1862Newington I114020
10 SAMPSON, Rebecca  Oct-Dec 1865Newington I114344
11 SAMSON, Elizabeth Susannah  Jul-Sep 1840Newington I111937
12 SAMSON, Emma Matilda  Jan-Mar 1868Newington I114653
13 SAMSON, Thomas  Jul-Sep 1841Newington I112050
14 SAMSON, Thomas  Oct-Dec 1845Newington I112467
15 SAMSON, Thomas  Jan-Mar 1846Newington I112519
16 SAMSON, Thomas  Jan-Mar 1853Newington I113286
17 SAMSON, William  Jan-Mar 1862Newington I113985