Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39107
2 BALL, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39526
3 BALL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39127
4 BALL, Mary  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39274
5 BALL, Richard  17 Apr 1827Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65430
6 BARTON, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I44846
7 BLONDEL, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64711
8 BLUNDELL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39066
9 BLUNDELL, Betty  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43657
10 BLUNDELL, Charlottee  10 Mar 1826Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39065
11 BLUNDELL, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I50876
12 BLUNDELL, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39068
13 BLUNDELL, Helen  5 Aug 1833Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I45377
14 BLUNDELL, Hugh  20 Jul 1831Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I45648
15 BLUNDELL, Hugh  27 Oct 1835Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38766
16 BLUNDELL, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I45649
17 BLUNDELL, Jane  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43654
18 BLUNDELL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64413
19 BLUNDELL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I896
20 BLUNDELL, Margaret  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43648
21 BLUNDELL, Nanny  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43652
22 BLUNDELL, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39069
23 BROOKFIELD, Alice  18 Aug 1826Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I33594
24 BROOKFIELD, Margaret  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I42000
25 BROOKFIELD, Peter  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54239
26 BROOKFIELD, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I60345
27 BROOKFIELD, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38491
28 BROOKFIELD, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I36590
29 GREGSON, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65460
30 GREGSON, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65490
31 GREGSON, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65737
32 GREGSON, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64505
33 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65471
34 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64533
35 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64497
36 GREGSON, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64870
37 GREGSON, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65469
38 GREGSON, Margaret  11 Sep 1826Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65629
39 GREGSON, Miles  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64502
40 GREGSON, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64504
41 GREGSON, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43610
42 GREGSON, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64503
43 GREGSON, William Hargreaves  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65475
44 HALSALL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38525
45 HALSALL, Alice  11 Apr 1814Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I63157
46 HOSKER, Abigail  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39016
47 HOSKER, Abigail  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38991
48 HOSKER, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I36578
49 HOSKER, Hannah  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38948
50 HOSKER, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38956

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SUTTON, John  8 Nov 1747Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I68160


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLONDEL, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64711
2 BLUNDALL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I60020
3 BLUNDELL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I63275
4 BLUNDELL, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I46110
5 BLUNDELL, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43643
6 BLUNDELL, Miles  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I61862
7 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64497
8 GREGSON, Miles  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64502
9 HOSKER, Abigail  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39016
10 HOSKER, John  13 Nov 1840Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39024
11 JOHNSON, Jenney  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39021
12 PRESCOT, Mary  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39899
13 PRESCOT, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39975
14 PRESCOTT, Cicely  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RYMER, Thomas  6 Dec 1835Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38783