Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39206
2 BALL, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39628
3 BALL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39226
4 BALL, Mary  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39376
5 BALL, Richard  17 Apr 1827Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66890
6 BALL, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54517
7 BARTON, Ann  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54515
8 BARTON, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I44971
9 BAXENDALE, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54379
10 BLONDEL, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66147
11 BLUNDELL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39165
12 BLUNDELL, Betty  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43769
13 BLUNDELL, Charlottee  10 Mar 1826Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39164
14 BLUNDELL, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39167
15 BLUNDELL, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I51004
16 BLUNDELL, Helen  5 Aug 1833Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I45502
17 BLUNDELL, Hugh  20 Jul 1831Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I45775
18 BLUNDELL, Hugh  27 Oct 1835Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38865
19 BLUNDELL, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I45776
20 BLUNDELL, Jane  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43766
21 BLUNDELL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I896
22 BLUNDELL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I46304
23 BLUNDELL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54247
24 BLUNDELL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65840
25 BLUNDELL, Margaret  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43760
26 BLUNDELL, Nanny  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43764
27 BLUNDELL, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39168
28 BROOKFIELD, Alice  18 Aug 1826Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I33686
29 BROOKFIELD, Margaret  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I42104
30 BROOKFIELD, Peggy  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I57940
31 BROOKFIELD, Peter  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54644
32 BROOKFIELD, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38590
33 BROOKFIELD, Thomas  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I61318
34 BROOKFIELD, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I36688
35 CROPPER, Richard  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I53345
36 GREGSON, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66920
37 GREGSON, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I48269
38 GREGSON, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66954
39 GREGSON, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65934
40 GREGSON, Ellen  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I67217
41 GREGSON, Hugh Charnley's  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I47958
42 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65926
43 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65962
44 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66931
45 GREGSON, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66319
46 GREGSON, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I67449
47 GREGSON, Jane  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I48057
48 GREGSON, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66929
49 GREGSON, Margaret  11 Sep 1826Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I67101
50 GREGSON, Miles  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65931

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 LEADBETTER, Elizabeth  19 Jun 1808Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I52560
2 SUTTON, John  8 Nov 1747Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I69784


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLONDEL, Elizabeth  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66147
2 BLUNDALL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I60962
3 BLUNDEL, Jennet  4 Sep 1760Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I66672
4 BLUNDELL, Alice  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64684
5 BLUNDELL, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I46237
6 BLUNDELL, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I43755
7 BLUNDELL, John  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I46304
8 BLUNDELL, Miles  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I63071
9 CADDEL, Betty  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64530
10 GREGSON, Hugh  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65926
11 GREGSON, Miles  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I65931
12 HALSALL, Henry  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54943
13 HALSALL, James  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I54942
14 HOSKER, Abigail  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39115
15 HOSKER, John  13 Nov 1840Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39123
16 HOWARD, Thomas  1837Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64407
17 HOWORTH, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64044
18 JOHNSON, Jenney  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39120
19 OTTEY, Cicely  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I64392
20 PRESCOT, Mary  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I40001
21 PRESCOT, William  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I40077
22 PRESCOTT, Cicely  Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I39402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RYMER, Thomas  6 Dec 1835Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire I38882


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOWORTH / RYMER  15 Feb 1674Crossens, North Meols, Lancashire F18299