Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUGHTON, Ann  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I65438
2 AUGHTON, Ellen  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I49258
3 BALL, Henry  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38667
4 BALL, Mary  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38611
5 BALSHAW, Isabel  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I43851
6 BALSHAW, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42257
7 BALSHAW, Mary  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42258
8 BARTON, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I63416
9 BARTON, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38789
10 BARTON, Catherine  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I36724
11 BARTON, Edward  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38417
12 BARTON, Ellen  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38790
13 BARTON, James  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38792
14 BARTON, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38421
15 BARTON, Margery  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38416
16 BARTON, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38791
17 BLUNDEL, Elizabeth  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64840
18 BLUNDEL, James  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64833
19 BLUNDEL, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I63230
20 BLUNDEL, Margery  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64631
21 BLUNDEL, Miles  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I63415
22 BLUNDEL, Miles  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I63290
23 BLUNDEL, Rebecca  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64629
24 BLUNDEL, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64565
25 BLUNDELL, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64831
26 BLUNDELL, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I63275
27 BLUNDELL, Ann  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64861
28 BLUNDELL, Dorothy  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64819
29 BLUNDELL, Elizabeth  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64851
30 BLUNDELL, Halsall  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I55659
31 BLUNDELL, James  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64832
32 BLUNDELL, James (Little Jemmy)  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64620
33 BLUNDELL, James Rimmer (Brook James)  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64857
34 BLUNDELL, Janet  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I44168
35 BLUNDELL, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I66871
36 BLUNDELL, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64856
37 BLUNDELL, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64566
38 BLUNDELL, Mary  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64630
39 BLUNDELL, Mary  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64560
40 BLUNDELL, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64695
41 BLUNDELL, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64564
42 BOND, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I65812
43 BRADSHAW, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38442
44 CARR, Ann  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I39050
45 CARR, Betty  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I33347
46 CARR, Catharine  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I33341
47 CARR, Catherine  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I39052
48 CARR, Charlotte  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I39048
49 CARR, Edward  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I47016
50 CARR, Elizabeth  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I47021

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUGHTON, Ellen  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I49258
2 BALSHAW, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42257
3 BALSHAW, Thomas  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42259
4 BARTON, Catherine  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I36724
5 BLUNDEL, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I63230
6 BLUNDEL, Miles  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I66900
7 BLUNDEL, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64565
8 BLUNDELL, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I64564
9 CARR, Elizabeth  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I46047
10 CARR, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I47198
11 CARR, Martha  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50953
12 CARR, Richard  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I47214
13 JOHNSON, (Hugh) Gught  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50389
14 JOHNSON, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50298
15 JOHNSON, Alice  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I48411
16 JOHNSON, Alis  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50828
17 JOHNSON, Catherine  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I66091
18 JOHNSON, Jenet  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50412
19 JOHNSON, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50869
20 JOHNSON, Margaret  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50872
21 JOHNSON, Mary  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50859
22 JOHNSON, Mary  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38942
23 JOHNSON, Priscilla  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50971
24 JOHNSON, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I49257
25 JUMPE, Mary  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I61871
26 MARSHAL, Edward  3 Sep 1826Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I46911
27 MARSHALL, Ellin  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42785
28 MARSHALL, Margery  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42435
29 MARSHALL, William  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I43843
30 MEADOW, Elizabeth  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42375
31 RIMMER, James  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42246
32 RYMER, Dorothy  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42691
33 RYMER, Gilbert  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42112
34 RYMER, Gilbert  21 May 1809Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I45920
35 RYMER, James  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42106
36 RYMER, Jennet  24 Jul 1821Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I61872
37 RYMER, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42364
38 RYMER, Nicholas  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I65087
39 RYMER, Thomas  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I65921
40 RYMER, Thomas  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42363
41 SAWYER, Ann  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38653
42 SAWYER, Anne  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I38648
43 SAWYER, John  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I40290
44 SAWYER, Thomas  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50976
45 SAWYER, Thomas  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50959
46 SAWYER, Thomas  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50956
47 SEAGER, Elizabeth  Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I63256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mary  25 May 1749Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50490
2 BLONDEL, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1767Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I52978
3 JOHNSON, John  20 Jan 1740Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50852
4 RYMER, Mary  25 Apr 1790Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I42348
5 STOCKLEY, Catherin  4 Apr 1752Birkdale, North Meols, Lancashire I50850