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Jane Griffin/Gill

Twice widowed Jane married George Hogarth, a groom/ostler in Liverpool in 1821. Her previous marriages to Robert Gill 1815 in Liverpool and the first is unknown (surname Griffin) George and Jane had at least 2 children, George (1822), William (1827) and possibly an earlier William (1826). George junior married Letitia Fleming 1838 and William appeared in Birkenhead in 1841. Their parents seemed to vanish. No burial or any other record has been found so far, except for a George Hoggarth in Surrey who was an ostler in 1841 with a different family. He was from Barber Green in Lancashire and married Eliza Corken in 1828 at Kennington, Surrey. One daughter of this marriage, Jane Hoggarth married James Town and in 1891 had visitors by the name of William and Annie Hoggarth. If the 2 George's are the same person, what happened to Jane. Did she die and George left the children with relatives, or did George run off into a bigamous marriage leaving Jane with the children?
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