August 2019    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Alan John SAMPSON   Margaret BROOKFIELD   William P SUTHERLAND   Eric SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   William Arthur SAMPSON   Sarah SHIPLEY   Arthur SAMPSON   Arthur PRICE   Joseph H PARSONS   Robert SAMPSON   Christopher SAMPSON   Ryder William SAMPSON   Robert George SAMPSON   Sarah Elizabeth SAMPSON   Abraham SAMPSON   Percy SAMPSON   Susannah SAMPSON   Alfred Ernest SAMPSON   Alec Edgar SAMPSON   Elizabeth SOMERS   Adolphus Arnold SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Lydia SMITH   Philip Moses SAMPSON   John Thomas A SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   Alfred George SAMPSON   Arthur David SAMPSON   Bernard Brooke SAMPSON   Brian SAMPSON   Laura Annie BRICE   Cecil Raymond SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Lydia SAMPSON   Richard Oliver SAMPSON   Margaret Phoebe SAMPSON   William Frederick C SAMPSON   John MONYMAN   Rebecca GOLDSMITH   Gertrude Emily SAMPSON   Jane SAMPSON   Joseph SAMPSON   Lina Ruth BUTTON   Charles Pierre SAMSON   Mary SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   Ann Elizabeth EMERY   Martha GREER   William SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Umfrevil SAMPSON   Thomas SAMSON   Evelyn Edith SAMPSON   Horace Campbell SAMSON   Sally BLAMEY   Thomas CUTLER   Thomas CUTLER   Susanna KEAN   Sicily SAMSON   William SAMPSON   George SAMPSON   Julius SAMPSON   Cyril Ivor SAMPSON   Leah Irene LIMER   Edna Amelia WHEELER   William SAMPSON   Jessie Bernice M SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   Winifred Lucy SAMPSON   Iris Myrtle R SAMPSON   Alberta William SAMPSON   Phyllis SAMPSON   Robert SAMPSON   James Edwin SAMPSON   Ellen Kathleen SAMPSON   Elvira Blodwyn M SAMPSON   Reginald John SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Lily Eugene SAMPSON   Florence Ellen SAMPSON   Joy Emily SAMPSON   Eric Frederick SAMPSON   Lennard Sydney SAMPSON   Dorothy Ellen SAMPSON   Reginald Arthur SAMPSON   Charles Edward SAMPSON   Wilfred James SAMPSON   Lorraine Janice SAMPSON   Sheila SAMPSON   Emily Louisa SAMPSON   Richard Samuel V SAMPSON   David SAMPSON   May Olivia SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Doreen Iris SAMPSON   Laura Annie SAMPSON   Ethel May SAMPSON   Winifred SAMPSON   Iris SAMPSON   Ethel Elizabeth SAMPSON   Agnes Therese SAMPSON   Winifred Mabel SAMPSON   Mae SAMPSON   Hilda Alice M SAMPSON   Letitia Ellen SAMPSON   Denis SAMPSON   Hannah Mabel SAMPSON   Betty SAMPSON   Betty SAMPSON   Ethel SAMPSON   John Kerwan SAMPSON   Irene SAMPSON   Frederick Leslie SAMPSON   Lylia SAMPSON   Leonard SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   Leslie Charles SAMPSON   Margery Grace SAMPSON   Maurice Mervyn SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   Arnim Mitto SAMPSON   Stanley SAMPSON   Ethel May SAMPSON   William Henry SAMPSON   Beatrice Irene SAMPSON   Beatrice Irene SAMPSON   Robert Thomas EVERITT   Enid SAMPSON   Ada SAMPSON   Jayne SAMPSON   Donald William SAMPSON   Rosina Loral SAMPSON   Thelma SAMPSON   Falcona Elizabeth SAMPSON   Alfred Ernest SAMPSON   Evelyn SAMPSON   Jade Edgleagh SAMPSON   Lilian Constance SAMPSON   Blanche SAMPSON   Blanche SAMPSON   Pamela Mary SAMPSON   Patricia Ann SAMPSON   Emanuel SAMPSON   Ann SAMPSON   William John SAMPSON   Ann SAMPSON   Harold Maurice SAMPSON   Kenneth Leslie SAMPSON   Emily SAMPSON   Edward Peter SAMPSON   Florence Eleanor SAMPSON   Kathleen SAMPSON   Robert William SAMPSON   Elizabeth Mabel SAMPSON   Margaret Jane SAMPSON   Mary Helen SAMPSON   Gladys Mabel SAMPSON   William John SAMPSON   Gladys Joyce SAMPSON   Vera SAMPSON   Norah Kathleen SAMPSON   Betty Florence SAMPSON   Betty Florence SAMPSON   Alison Ruth SAMPSON   Claire SAMPSON   Phillip John SAMPSON   Pamela SAMPSON   Herbert Sidney SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Violet May SAMPSON   Thomas Henry SAMPSON   John Frederick SAMPSON   Rosina Lillian SAMPSON   Lilian May SAMPSON   Reuben John SAMPSON   George William SAMPSON   Elizabeth Anne SAMPSON   Winifred Ethel SAMPSON   Frank Henry SAMPSON   Lawrence SAMPSON   Margaret Louisa SAMPSON   Phyllis Mary SAMPSON   William Henry SAMPSON   Lynda Mary SAMPSON   Christine Amy SAMPSON   Clarice Lilley SAMPSON   Sandra May SAMPSON   Doris SAMPSON   Eric Richard SAMPSON   Edna May SAMPSON   Evelyn Edith SAMPSON   Gordon James SAMPSON   James Henry SAMPSON   Allan John SAMPSON   Sarah SAMPSON   Louisa Irene SAMPSON   Harold Bertram SAMPSON   George SAMPSON   Edgar SAMPSON   William Thomas SAMPSON   Norman Harold SAMPSON   Charles Edward SAMPSON   Dennis James SAMPSON   John Brian SAMPSON   Glen Douglas SAMPSON   Nigel James SAMPSON   George SAMSON   Joshua BESWICK   Rosamund BUTTERWORTH   Carole E Or H BLOMMAERT   George Anderson SAMPSON   James SAMPSON   Elizabeth JOHNSON   Annie CORDWELL   Andrew MAGUIRE   George SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   George SAMIESON   Thomas SAMPSON   James SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   Ann SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   Francis PARTON   Seberiah PARTON   Lissey PARTON   Samuel SAMPSON   Elizabeth SAMPSON   George SAMPSON   Absalom SAMPSON   Leonard SAMPSON   George SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   Robert George SAMPSON   William Henry SAMSON   Gertrude SAMPSON   Daniel SAMPSON   Abner SAMPSON   Frank SAMPSON   George Gage SAMPSON   Ronald Reginald SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Cicely Victoria SAMPSON   David Graham SAMPSON   Benjamin SAMPSON   Henry James SAMPSON   Thomas Charles SAMPSON   Mabel SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   James SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Richard Beall SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   John Robert SAMPSON   Patience SAMPSON   Josephine Olive SAMPSON   Ann SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   James SAMPSON   Fred SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Joseph SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Arthur SAMPSON   Isaac SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samll SAMPSON   Audrey Leslie SAMPSON   Alfred Henry SAMPSON   Lydia D SAMPSON   Tabitha SAMPSON   Thomas Hobday SAMPSON   Odian Mark SAMSON   Peter Smith SAMPSON   Peter Smith SAMPSON   John PERCIVAL   Richard BUCKLEY   Hannah BUCKLEY   Lydia SAMPSON   Alice Jane SAMSON   Frederick SAMPSON   Maria SAMPSON   Emma SAMPSON   Abraham SAMPSON   Emma Blyth SAMPSON   Thomas SEMPSON   John SAMPSON   Abraham Or Absilom SAMPSON   Hannah SAMPSON   Benjamin SAMPSON   Ellen SAMPSON   Frederic SAMPSON   Thomas SAMSON   Susan Elizabeth SAMSON   Thomas SAMPSON   John Thorold SAMPSON   James Octavius SAMSON   William SAMPSON   Arthur Edward SAMPSON   Frederick Ernest SAMPSON   Robert Turner HOGGARTH   Gershom SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Peter SAMPSON   Leslie J SAMPSON   Ann SAMPSON   Michael John SAMPSON   Ronald SAMPSON   Solomon Samuel SAMPSON   Reginald SAMPSON   George SAMSON   James SAMSON   George SAMSON   James SAMSON   Percival George SAMPSON   William Clifford SAMPSON   Lenard SAMPSON   George COX / Marie SAMPSON   Scott SAMPSON / Jessica A STEP...   William SAMPSON / Grace CLARKE   James Piney SAMPSON / Harriett...   Marthew SUMMORLY / Sarah SOMSO...   Thomas SMITH / Anna SAMPSON   Thomas SMITH / Anna SAMPSON   John SAMPSON / Janet STEWART   Robert THOMSONE / Alison SAMPS...   James FRIER / Isabel SAMSON   James SAMSON / Sarah SMITH