May 2019    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Mary PARTON   Andrew PARTON   Wilfred SYKES   Eliza SAMPSON   Alice BLUNDELL   Lawrence COCKSHOOT   Jenny JOHNSON   Jeremiah PARTON   John Benjamin SAMPSON   Robert CORDWELL   Edward ALMOND   Charles SAMPSON   William CORDWELL   George SAMPSON   Robert SAMPSON   Elin SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   Edwin SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   James SAMPSON   William PARTON   Esther SAMPSON   Frederick SAMPSON   Thomas Hinchcliff SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Sarah Jane SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   Sarah Ann SAMPSON   John James SAMPSON   William Frederick SAMPSON?   George SAMPSON   Alice SAMPSON   George Edward SAMPSON   George William SAMSON   John SAMPSON   Edward Cartwright SAMPSON   Robert SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Charles SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Jane Eleanor SAMPSON   James SAMPSON   Elisabeth SAMPSON   Charlotte SAMPSON   James SAMPSON   Dorothy SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   Richard SAMPSON   Ricardus SAMSON   Meriall SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   David SAMPSON   Arthur Edward SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   May GILL   Catherine SAMPSON   Eleanor SAMPSON   Matilda Ann SAMPSON   Ralph SAMPSON   Percy Gerrard SAMPSON   Kateryn SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   Mary Ellen HARPER   Susanna PRESTAGE   Gwendoline SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   Annie Elizabeth SAMPSON   May SAMPSON   Gerrard Barker SAMPSON   Doris May SAMPSON   Alice Irene SAMPSON   Benjamin SAMPSON   Jeremiah SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   Samuel SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   John ANDREWS   John SAMSON   Sarah SAMPSON   Florance M SAMPSON   Hilda May SAMPSON   Frances SAMSON   Jeremiah SAMPSON   Edward SAMPSON   Marion SAMPSON   Albert Edward SAMPSON   Alice SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   Reginald Stanley SAMPSON   Owen Edward Lot SAMPSON   Phylis SAMPSON   Florence Lilys SAMPSON   Leslie SAMPSON   Vera Liouse SAMPSON   Thelma WEY   Louisa EVERITT   Reuben John SAMPSON   John Adolphus SAMPSON   Alexander Samuel SAMPSON   Gwendoline SAMPSON   Winnie SAMPSON   Samuel SAMSON   Robert SAMPSON   Albert CORTON   Hugh SAMSON   Hugh SAMSON   Lenell S HOUGH   Alice May SAMPSON   Kathleen Dorothy SAMPSON   Elsie SAMPSON   Winifred Queenie RUSSELL   Dorothy Mary SAMPSON   Maurice SAMPSON   Vera Liouse SAMPSON   Thelma WEY   John PARTON   Rose TURNER   Lily HALL   Albert John SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Walter SAMPSON   Doris SAMPSON   Cyril STREET   Catherine SAMPSON   Ethel May BURROWS   Kenneth Ewart SAMPSON   Margaret SAMPSON   Annie May SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Enoch PARTON   Gabrial PICKERING   Benjamin SAMPSON   William SAMSON   William SAMPSON   William Henry Adams SAMPSON   Hannah SAMPSON   Rose SAMSON   Alfred SAMPSON   Annie Wheeler SAMPSON   Jacqueline Susan SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   George SAMPSON   Elizabeth DAVEY   Thomas Edgar SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   Frank SAMPSON   Thomas George B SAMPSON   Michael Edward SAMPSON   Alan SAMPSON   Albert Sidney SAMPSON   Albert SAMPSON   Albert Handley SAMPSON   Alfred George SAMPSON   Andrew John SAMPSON   Bernard SAMPSON   Brian James SAMPSON   Richard Henry S SAMPSON   Charles Raymond SAMPSON   David SAMPSON   Alvin SAMPSON   Anne SAMPSON   Ernest SAMPSON   Frederick SAMPSON   Thomas HIGBID   Samuel SAMPSON   Henry CRUMP   Eunice LOCKER   John HALL   James SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   Mary Elizabeth SAMPSON   Joseph Dawson TOWELL   Thomas SAMPSON   William SAMPSON   Michael David SAMSON   Alice Ann SAMPSON   Grace SAMSON   Elizabeth MILLS   Susannah SAMPSON   George Henry SAMPSON   Walter SAMPSON   Ernest E SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Thomas Gilbert SAMPSON   Bertram William W SAMPSON   John LOCKER   Anne SAMPSON   Kathleen Violet SAMPSON   Albert John SAMPSON   Douglas Thomas SAMPSON   Thomas SAMPSON   Maurice SAMPSON   William Gerald F SAMPSON   John Charles SAMPSON   Edgar SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Robert William SAMPSON   Lily SAMPSON   Edna SAMPSON   Louisa SAMPSON   Vera Irene SAMPSON   Anne SAMPSON   Mildred Catherine SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   Winifred SAMPSON   Irene Evelyn SAMPSON   Cecil Ernest SAMPSON   Michael Roy SAMPSON   Doris Marjorie SAMPSON   Marie Kathleen SAMPSON   Margaret Sarah A SAMPSON   Ruby Maud SAMPSON   Nancy SAMPSON   Janie Evelyn SAMPSON   Ronald Victor SAMPSON   Wallace Henry A SAMPSON   Hilda Olive SAMPSON   Jean Sylvia SAMPSON   Frederick John SAMPSON   Albert Sidney SAMPSON   Edith SAMPSON   Rose Georgina SAMPSON   Ada Maud SAMPSON   Stanley SAMPSON   Harry SAMPSON   Douglas Hayward SAMPSON   Edward Stanley SAMPSON   Violet Louise SAMPSON   Elizabeth Hannah SAMPSON   Mary Alice SAMPSON   Alice SAMPSON   Annie SAMPSON   Victor Albert SAMPSON   Nora Elizabeth SAMPSON   Gladys SAMPSON   Sidney Howard SAMPSON   Sidonie Bessie SAMPSON   Vera Mabel SAMPSON   Amy SAMPSON   George William SAMPSON   Ella SAMPSON   Gerald Kearns SAMPSON   Eric George SAMPSON   Marie SAMPSON   Thomas Norman SAMPSON   Lily SAMPSON   Emily Maud SAMPSON   Margaret Mary SAMPSON   Enid Margaret SAMPSON   Rebecca SAMPSON   Louisa Emily SAMPSON   Barbara SAMPSON   Nellie Jessica R SAMPSON   Agnes Agatha SAMPSON   Edward Eric H SAMPSON   Andrew John SAMPSON   Emily Elizabeth SAMPSON   Freda Henrietta SAMPSON   Christine Carol SAMPSON   Ernest Edward SAMPSON   May Rosina SAMPSON   Gertrude W SAMPSON   Winifred SAMPSON   Harriet Jane L SAMPSON   Bernard John SAMPSON   Myra Therese SAMPSON   Edward Martin F SAMPSON   Dorothy May L SAMPSON   Leslie SAMPSON   Marjorie Elinor SAMPSON   Muriel Beatrice SAMPSON   Judy Elizabeth SAMPSON   Marjorie Georgina SAMPSON   Grace SAMPSON   Leslie Harold SAMPSON   Maria Elsie SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   Dorothy SAMPSON   Elizabeth May SAMPSON   Ernest Baldwin SAMPSON   Carole Maureen SAMPSON   Phyllis SAMPSON   Winifred Beatrice SAMPSON   Violet Louisa SAMPSON   Harriet SAMPSON   Dulcie SAMPSON   Gerald SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Keith Bayliss SAMPSON   John SAMPSON   David William SAMPSON   Florence Mary L SAMPSON   Ann Elizabeth SAMPSON   Maylinda Irene SAMPSON   Edith Jeanie SAMPSON   Elizabeth Rodden SAMPSON   Annie SAMPSON   Nancy SAMPSON   Ivy SAMPSON   Geoffrey Leonard SAMPSON   Frank SAMPSON   Helen SAMPSON   Patricia Ann SAMPSON   Henry SAMPSON   Margaret Annie SAMPSON   Eric SAMPSON   Richard Norman SAMPSON   Violet SAMPSON   Ronald SAMPSON   Ruby Irene SAMPSON   Michael John SAMPSON   Lavinia SAMPSON   Beatrice Elizabeth SAMPSON   Beatrice Elizabeth SAMPSON   Alice May SAMPSON   Thomas William SAMPSON   Rose SAMPSON   James Michael SAMPSON   Thomas William A SAMPSON   Louisa SAMPSON   Robert Alexander SAMPSON   Doris Amy SAMPSON   Norman William SAMPSON   Christina SAMPSON   Robert MONEYMAN   Lilian SAMPSON   Sydney James SAMPSON   Jessie Emily SAMPSON   Herbert Norman SAMPSON   Rose SAMPSON   Edwin SAMPSON   George Henry SAMPSON   Edna May SAMPSON   Mary Rosina SAMPSON   Henry Arthur SAMPSON   Olive Winifred SAMPSON   Florence May SAMPSON   Harry SAMPSON   Hilda Kathleen SAMPSON   Margaret SAMPSON   Juliet Robin SAMPSON   Margaret Patricia SAMPSON   Cyril Norman SAMPSON   Peggy Elizabeth SAMPSON   Eric Ronald SAMPSON   William Edward SAMPSON   Ernest Edwin SAMPSON   Harry SAMPSON   Richard George F SAMPSON   John Robert SAMPSON   Mary SAMPSON   Michael George T SAMPSON   James Edward SAMPSON   Michael SAMPSON   Darren John SAMPSON   Alan Brent SAMPSON   Frederick Frank Thomas SAMPSON   Robert DOAK   Robert SAMPSON   William Harry SAMPSON   Dorothy LOMAS   Albert Handley SAMPSON   Ann   Gordon John O'BRIEN OR WELLMAN...   William WAYTE / Ann SAMPSON   Christopher M SHARP / Sharon A...   Christopher R LEEMING / Kirsty...   Alan P CHANDLER / Kirsty A SAM...   Robertus SAMPSON / Dorthea HOD...   John SAMPSON / Fanny MARGRETTS   Giles SAMPSON / Dorothy ETTES   Alexander SAMPSON / Hannah BAI...   Alexander SAMPSON / Sarah KEET...   Thomas THOMPSON / Eliz SAMPSON   John SAMSON / Ann BONNINGTON