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51 (C.P.R. 1467-77 p.605) SAMPSON, Thomas Esq (I32934)
52 (C.P.R. 1476-85 p.112) SAMPSON, Thomas Esq (I32934)
53 (chr No. 1369 1860 June 9th Elizabeth daughter of James & Alice Seddon Southport Publican

This is a work in progress.  I would appreciate knowing when you find errors. 
SEDDON, Elizabeth (I68233)
54 (chr No. 530 November 7th Elizabeth daughter of James & Margha Driver Southport Labourer DRIVER, Elizabeth (I32948)
55 (ibid.p.311) SAMPSON, Thomas Esq (I32934)
56 (Medical):1844 death registration FLEMING, Samuel (I1277)
57 (Medical):admitted to Gt Ormond St Hospital 14 May 1902 - Diphtheria & sequela CHANDLER, Charles Thomas Redvers (I650)
58 (Medical):Blind (1891) DICKENS OR HARDING, Eliza (I32688)
59 (Medical):See attached sources. SAMPSON, John (I3796)
60 (Medical):Shock following fall from window 3 weeks earlier SAMPSON, Joseph (I85686)
61 (Medical):since 12/8/43 due to generalised arteriosclerosis duration 20 yr FAHRINGER, Mahala Adalaide (I6047)
62 (Research):Article from Gale Group British Newspapers 1600-1900. Liverpool Mercury
19 Jul 1844
The United Sons of Freedom Total Abstinence Society held a camp meeting on a field west side of Kirkdale Rd near Paul Clifford public house Mr George Hogarth P.C.R presided.

Rechabites and others - the Temperance friendly societies 
HOGARTH, George (I1114)
63 (Research):Baptisms from the registers of

St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney
Eleanor Sampson dau of Joseph & Eliz 27-3-1720 Slaters Court, Blue Anchor Yard
John Sampson son of Joseph & Eliz 5-1-1723 Slaters Court, Blue Anchor Yard
Sarah Sampson dau of Joseph & Eliz 27-2-1725 Blue Anchor Yard
Jeremiah Sampson son of Joseph & Eliz 17-3-1727 Slaters Court, Blue Anchor Yard
Eliz Sampson dau of Joseph & Eliz 21-11-1730 Slaters Court, Blue Anchor Yard

St Botolph Without Aldgate
24 Mar 1731 Ellenor Sampson dau of Wm & Mary Red Cross St, East Smithfield

From Ancestry website, Middlesex Parish & Probate collection.
It shows Sampson's living at East Smithfield over 100 years before Joseph. No assumptions are made about connections but it does give useful pointers for research.
Text: 24 Mar 22 Charles 1st.--Recognizances, taken before Thomas Hubbert esq. J.P., of Thomas Sampson of Spittlefeilds turner in the sum of forty pounds, and of John Sampson of Eastsmithfield turner and Richard Sampson of Wapping turner, in the sum of twenty pounds each; For the appearance of the said Thomas Sampson at the next Session of the Peace for Middlesex, "To answer for speaking these slanderous words against the State, vizt. that the letters that were taken in the King's Cabinet were not of the Kinges owne hand-writinge, but that the State did counterfeit his hand." S. P. R., . . ., 22 Charles 1st.
Book:       Errata.
Collection:       Middlesex: - Rolls, Books and Certificates, Indictments, Recognizances, Coroners' Inquisitions-Post-Mortem, Orders, Memoranda and Certificates, 1625-1667, Vol. 3 
SAMPSON, Joseph (I32208)
64 (Research):Catalogue Ref ANW, administration act book, 1660-1667, fo. 138
Title Sampson, Thomas, of Blickling Date 1667
Repository Norfolk Record Office
ANW and ANF wills and admons 1604-1686  microfilm MF 499. 
SAMPSON, Thomas (I21935)
65 (Research):Father - John Foster
Brother - Walter Spencer Foster 
FOSTER, William (I1290)
66 (Research):See attached sources. JOHNSON, Stanley (I1092)
67 (Research):See attached sources. SAINT-SAMSON, Ralph De Bishop Of Worcester (I75805)
68 (Research):There are a few records of Sampson's in neighboring parishes, a 1470 grant of administration in Runton two miles away to John Sampson of Sheringham for the goods of Robert Sampson of Runton.

Further afield, there are documents relating to grants of land in nearby Holt, Runworth and Stody between 1429-1450. John Sampson, John Sampson junior and Thomas Sampson are named here.

NROCAT (Norfolk Record Office online catalogue)
Holt, Stody and Hunworth 1429 John Sampson of Edgefield
Feoffment; Sir Simon Felbrigge, William Wryghte, clerk, Roger Bowre of Bodham and John Lucas of Thorpland to Thomas Wylweby, Esq., Miles Felbrygge, esq., John Braunche, esq., William Walkelayn, clerk, John Curteys of Edgefield and John Sampson of Edgefield

Edgefield 1440 John Sampson junior
1440 Grant William Poyt of Edgefield to Andrew Curteys of Edgefield, Richard Dalyson and John Sampson junior of Edgefield.
Land in Edgefield

Hunworth 1446 Thomas Sampson
Catalogue Ref NRS 16078, 32A5
Title Letter of Attorney. John Bryston, esq., and James Andrewe of Snitterley appoint Thomas Brygge junior and John Colynes of Edgefield to deliver seisin to Thomas Shuldham, esq., Thomas Brygge of Edgefield, gent., William Prentys, Geoffrey Noreys and Thomas Sampson.
Date 12 Aug 1446
Description Land in Hunworth. Seal and seal tag.

Edgefield 1450 Thomas Sampson, yeoman
Thomas Sampson, of Eggefeld, yeoman;, William Couper, of Beverley, Yorks, cooper Vs Alan Foster, chaplain 1450

1470  SAMPSON OF RUNTON [NCC administration,29 Jekkys on GS 0094863]
In 1465, there was a John Sampson of Runton, a Shipman who is most likely the subject of the grant of administration in 1470 and Robert Sampson of Sheringham was called upon to make an inventory of John's goods.

Latin translation by Diana Spelman

On the 13th day of the month & year aforesaid [February 1470/1] at Norwich were issued letters of sequestration for the goods of Robert [written above: John] Sampson late of Runton deceased to John [written above: Robert] Sampson of Sheryngham to make an inventory & by a trustworthy man to appear & safely observe the sequestration. 
SAMPSON, Thomas (I80266)
69 (sister) mary elizabeth sampson SAMPSON, Edwin Arthur (I28780)
70 SCOTT, Ann (I83275)
71 1 month old COPLEY, Joseph (I6054)
72 1 Oct 1908 SAMPSON, George Searles (I22009)
73 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1 NOV 1615
2  PLAC Colyton, Devon, England 
SAMPSON, George (I2880)
74 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1787
2  PLAC Breage, Cornwall 
SAMPSON, George (I2025)
75 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1791
2  DATE 1791
2  PLAC Bridlington 
SAMPSON, James (I2359)
76 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1793
2  PLAC Bridlington, Yorks 
SAMPSON, Ann (I2355)
77 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1800
2  PLAC Winterbourne Houghton, Dorsetshire, England
2  DATE 12 DEC 1880
2  PLAC Bridport, Dorsetshire, England 
SAMSON, Gerard (I43125)
78 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1809
2  PLAC Beverley, Yorks 
SAMPSON, George Joshua (I3029)
79 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1873
2  PLAC Stowe, Stafford

2  DATE 1873
2  PLAC Stowe, Stafford 
SAMPSON, Alice Wood (I27323)
80 1  BIRT
2  DATE 1880
2  PLAC Stowe, Stafford

2  DATE 1880
2  PLAC Stowe, Stafford 
SAMPSON, Charles Herbert (I2828)
81 1  BIRT
2  DATE 20 DEC 1883
2  PLAC Norwich, Norfolk, England

Jan-Mar 1884 Norwich 4b 174 Alfred James Sampson

Relative: Ira S. HATCH 
SAMPSON, Alfred James (I2235)
82 1  BIRT
2  DATE 29 JAN 1586
2  PLAC St. Andrews, Plymouth, Devon, England 
SAMPSON, George (I2856)
83 1  BIRT
2  DATE ? 1761
2  PLAC Bridlington 
SAMPSON, Richard (I3068)
84 1  BIRT
2  DATE ? 1793
2  PLAC Bridlington 
SAMPSON, Harriet (I2634)
85 1  BIRT
2  DATE ? 1823
2  PLAC Bridlington 
SAMPSON, David (I2591)
86 1  BIRT
2  DATE ABT 1748
2  PLAC Of St. James, Suffolk, England
2  DATE ABT 1748
2  PLAC Of St. James, Suffolk, England 
SAMPSON, George (I53915)
87 1  BIRT
2  DATE ABT 1797
2  PLAC Of Bridlington, Yorkshire, England 
SAMPSON, Ann (I3104)
88 1  BIRT
2  DATE ABT 1822
2  PLAC  
SAMSON, William Wallen Goodfellow (I11989)
89 10 Aug 1944 2 PDC Personnel Despatch Centre  G3
14 Aug 1944  5 PDC Personnel Despatch Centre  G3 
CHANDLER, Dennis Charles (I1241)
90 10 Yes SAMPSON, Henry (I4361)
91 101 Ketley Brook PARTON, Robert (I1495)
92 101 PDC Release - Personnel Despatch Centre CHANDLER, Dennis Charles (I1241)
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I52939)
94 103 Ketley Forge Row Living With Robert Working As A Road Labourer PARTON, Henry 'Harry' (I1667)
95 103 Ketley Forge Row-Lizzie Parton Living With Robert As Servant PARTON, Robert (I1495)
96 108 Old Woolwich Road SAMSON, Thomas Peck (I25298)
97 12 Yes SAMPSON, Charles (I12564)
98 12, Scholar SAMPSON, Giles (I9496)
99 13, Yes COCKSHUTT, Susan (I46377)
100 14, Boarder SAMPSON, Giles (I12454)

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