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201 5 children in 1851 SAMPSON, Elizabeth (I92728)
202 5 Yes SAMPSON, Abraham (I18419)
203 50, Coal miner, mar SAMPSON, George (I2975)
204 53 Albion Street, Ipswich, Suffolk SAMPSON, Abraham (I30893)
205 53 Ketley Brook PARTON, Adam (I5910)
206 53 Ketley Sands, Queens-Inkeeper. House Keeper Ann Rushton Age 39, Rebecca Griffiths Age 58 Born In Burslem also their sister in law also her son Thomas Age 12 B Rodington . PARTON, Joseph (I316)
207 55, Table Knife Maker SAMPSON, George (I2966)
208 57, Table knife grinder, visitor SAMPSON, George (I44942)
209 5781 MSU Mobile Signals Unit, Chittagong (224 Group based at Chittagong) CHANDLER, Dennis Charles (I1241)
210 59 Ag Lab SAMPSON, Thomas (I2051)
211 59, Shepherd SAMPSON, Giles Or Julius (I33339)
212 6 Oct 1945 7 BSU SP Base Signal Unit CHANDLER, Dennis Charles (I1241)
213 6, Yes SAMPSON, Giles Martin (I9787)
214 61, Wid, Grocer SAMPSON, Peter Smyth (I19322)
215 63, Late Farmer/Pauper SAMPSON, Giles (I9424)
216 67, Widr. Shepherd on farm SAMPSON, Giles Or Julius (I33339)
217 69, Tableknife hafter, F-in-Law SAMPSON, George (I2966)
218 7 Malthouse Row PARTON, Robert (I1495)
219 7 Yes SAMPSON, Edward Samuel (I12553)
220 70, Ret Farm Laborer SAMPSON, Giles (I9424)
221 72, widr, Farmer SAMPSON, George (I2006)
222 7310 Record of Members 1902-1941 Carey Ward, Blaine, Idaho. entry # 217 Howard, Virginia Elizabeth, Josiah Howard Louisa B Park 5 Feb 1910 Carey Blaine Idaho 5 Jun 1910 G.W. Sparks.  Howard 91

7310 Record of Members 1902-1941 Carey Ward, Blaine, Idaho. Virginia Elizabeth Howard, Josiah Howard, Louisa B Park born at Carey, Blaine, Idaho 5 Feb 1910.   Blessed by Geo Wilford Sparks 5 June 1910 Baptized by Josiah Howard 5 Feb 1918, Confirmed by C. O. Winkler 7 Feb 1918.  Howard 86

Certificate of Proficiency awarded to Virginia Howard for typewriting 31 words a minute according to International Contest Rules for fifteen minutes on an Underwood Typewriter
by Pocatello Senior High School
In Testimony whereof we have affixed our names this 30 day of November 1927 at Pocatello Underwood Typewriter Co. In.
Edith Winter ... Simmons Manager School Department
howard 867 (oversized)

Annual Green and Gold Ball
Pagent of Queens in Internation Literary Costumes
Los Angeles Stake Home
Corner of Zoe and Middleton
Huntington Park, California
January 24 1835 8:30 o’Clock
Program theme
World peace is possible through a study of international literature.
To understand your neighbor is to love him.  What gives us a better understanding of our foreign neighbors than a knowledge of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions expressed in their literature?
Queens will appear in chronological order of the civilizations of the country whose literature they reparesent
Manchester Ward
India-- Aladdin and His Lamp Lucille Pruhs
Long Beach Ward
Japan--Japanese Fairy Stories Dorothy Wall
Mathews Ward
Italy--The Divine Comedy by Dante Kathlyn Bennett
Huntington Park Ward
Greece--Oedipus The King by Sophocles Phyllis Giles
Adams Ward
France--Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Donna Konna
Whittier Ward
Spain Irene Parsons
South Gate Ward
England--Romeo and Juliet by Shakespear Virginia Scadlock
Virginia Ward
Germany--Faust by Goethe Virginia Howard
Belvedere Ward
Holland--Tulip Time Oma Beaver
Maywood Ward
Russia--Song of the Volga Boatman Margaret Brampton
Vermont Ward
United States--Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Mildred Allred
Coronation of Queen of Ball
Host and Hostesses...
Patrons of the Ball...
Dr and Mrs John A. Widstoe...
howard 1385

Certificate of Appointment
This Certifies that Virginia Howard was duly called and set apart to labor as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the Long Beach Stake of Zion, and is hereby authorized to labor in that capacity under the direction of the undersigned.
Lo... B. Daniels
Presidency J W Jones Stake of Zion
September 20, 1936
Owen K Douglas
howard 870

social security card
Virginia Howard Coulson
1431 Poppy, Long Beach
Eddie's Beauty & Barber Shop
social security card
Virginia H. Coulson
5326 Locust
Long Beach, California
howard 868

Department or Professional and Vocational Standards
State Board of Cosmetology
This License to Practice as a Hairdresser and Cosmetician...
Virginia Howard 1431 Poppy
Long Beach California
1933 1934
which license must be renewed during the month of September, 1934...

Department or Professional and Vocational Standards
State Board of Cosmetology
This License to Practice as a Hairdresser and Cosmetician...
Virginia Howard 1431 Poppy
Long Beach California
1936 1937
which license must be renewed during the month of September, 1937...

State of California
Department of professional and Vocational standards
State Board of Cosmetology
Hairdresser and Cosmetician
Manager - Operator
Virginia Howard Coulson
5326 Locust
Long Beach California
1939 1940 ...
1942 1943 ...

State of California
Department of professional and Vocational standards
State Board of Cosmetology
Hairdresser and Cosmetician
Manager - Operator
Virginia H Coulson
9231 E Rose
Bellflower California
1949 1950 ...
howard 869

History written by Virginia Howard Coulson
My father, Josiah Howard, received his education in England.  Joined the church along with his parents & brothers & sisters then came to America & settled in Carey Idaho.  My mother, Louisa B Park received her education in Salt Lake City being one of the first Medical Doctors majoring in Obstetrics.  Her brother Albert & his wife from Prove Bench settled in Carey Idaho on a farm & mother delivered their children.  It was in Carey where my mother met my father & they were married in the Salt Lake Temple.  My father had built a nice home on a forty acre farm in Carey & that is where I was born.  Mother had six children, three boys & three girls
Carey was a farming community & everyone needed a well.  My father had a well drilling outfit that dug wells.  Mother was the Doctor in the community delivering many babies along with other medical needs.
My first grade teacher when she entered the classroom said.  “My name is Miss Lilly can you all remember that?”  and I have never been able to forget her or her name.  My third grade teacher was on a mission to Japan where my grandson, Joseph is on his mission now & if we did something like getting a piece of paper on the floor he would punish us Japanese style by having us hold that piece of paper up in the air over our heads.  If we talked we would have to go to the blackboard hold up one foot in back of us with our forhead on the blackboard so he had a very orderly class.
My folks bought a little blue bicycle for me & I would ride it to my music teachers home so that was my start in music.  She was a good teacher.  She put on recitals and as soon as I was good enough I started playing in church.  My Father loved to sing and he did have a beautiful voice  I’ll never forget when he offered me a quater to learn, “Truth Reflects Upon the Senses.”  He also had some words to that song that he had learned in England - “Life is like a Mountain Railroad.”
Carey was a fun little town I remember one time they had a trip around the world and in the different homes they would represent different countries.  Mother’s brother William had been on a mission to Samoa so the island had to be at out home.  The front room had the floor protected someway, the furniture taken out and dirt & flowers fixed in it to look like they were growing.  In one corner was a little hut like they have in Samoa and my mother’s two younger sisters, Uella & Vetris sat in that hut & with their beautiful voices sang Samoan songs that their brother had taughter them and as people would go from one home to another they would receive food and entertainment.  When I think of one home with an eskimo igloo made of snow blocks or something that looked like cold show that the eskimo was setting in, well it still makes me shiver.
We had a hot springs in that town and that is where my father baptized me and we also went swiming there but with children the creeks were fun to.
I stayed with my oldest brother & family in Pocatello for Highschool & a good start at the University, even kept up with music lessons, worked awhile at a cheese factory & couldn’t stand cheese for years after also worked at a Five and Dime store and had a very dear girl friend & fun boy friends so life was great but it didn’t stay great.  Things went from bad to worse in Carey.  My folks morgaged their home and farm for water to irrigate the farm but they didn’t get water & the Carey Bank failed so lost the home & farm.  It was a very unfair deal.
I was picked up at my brothers home in a Ford touring car with a trailer attached & off we went to Long Beach California where my oldest sister & husband lived.  That was the year of the Great Depression.   Those years were very hard years.  Work was not available.  They had such things going like Dance Marathons where dancers would dance until they dropped and the couple that lasted the longest would win the prize.  They would rest for fifteen minutes ever so often around the clock.  I always enjoyed dancing so I joined (see the picture in the Family News for November 15th, 1995 on page 5.  But my partner didn’t last nor the next one either or the next & believe me when that deal was over I slept the clock around.  So the search began.  *I did find that if I worked in the office of a Beauty School that it would pay for the course so took the Beauty course passed the State Exam and started work in a Beauty Shop.  *I decided to take a beauty course so I worked part time in the office to pay for it, took the state exam in Los Angeles and passed it so I worked in the Beauty Shop in the day & in a food place at night where you could serve food to people in cars.  I saved the money to get back in school but then the earthquake came while I was working in the beauty shop.  Long Beach was a disaster.  Sides of buildings fell and many buildings just crumbled.  People panicked but I thought the world had come to an end so might as well be calm about it.  Busses quit running so I had a good nine mile walk home.  Thank goodness our home wasn’t destroyed just dishes & breakable things.  We could even sleep in our beds if you didn’t mind it shaking a bit all through the night.  So many slept in parks.  Many schools were torn down & rebuilt.  The University finally opened and I was able to go to it again and majored in accounting.  Long Beach did recover and I did get to go dancing again but not in any marathon just a good old fashioned dance and we even had them in our ward cultural hall with a good live orchestra.  We also had musical programs each month with home talent one month and professional another and that practice continued.
My sister, husband and family moved to Pamona California and since one of my boy friends in Idaho came to see me he took me to Pamona to see them.  My sister had invited the missionaries to dinner and it was there that I met Elder Coulson.  In his history he tells about our writing letters and our romance that according to my mother was too fast.  Well they even complemented the Bishop in my ward since I had been going with his son when the news came to the ward that I was getting married.  Usually fast marriages don’t last but this coming November 16th will be our 64th anniversary.
When I went back to school I went into accounting, that was the field for me except when my children were little I wanted to be with them so taught piano lessons at home.  Then when they were in school I went to work.  Worked fourteen years for Freed Finance Company and that was when Lee was so ill but being my own boss I could leave and go see him.  They owned finance companies, a Dance hall & the Lagoon and finally decided it was too many companies so closed the Finance Companies, then the Dance Hall - the Lagoon was enough for them so I went to work for the Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Welfare Fund had my own office & plenty of interesting work to keep me plenty busy until ten years ago when Ira finally talked me into retiring to hard labor but I enjoy the garden, fruit trees and all the work that goes along with it.  It is very demanding though and in summer it is more than a full time job.
*Going into music paid off - I not only enjoyed it but taught music lessons to help pay for our first home when our children were little and I am organist at church so appreciated my mother seeing to it that I practiced.  The with accounting I worked first in an accounting office then Freed Finance Co. for thirteen years.  Then the Jewish Community Center & Welfare Fund for thirty years and flunked retirement.
At church I am still organist.  It’s a lifetime job except a few times along with being organist I have been coordinator in the Jr. Sunday School and since it has always been hard for me to give talks I decided to have each child bear their testimony and finally succeeded in getting them all to do that.  When they were in Sacrament meeting that continued and the Bishop would turn the first part of the meeting over to the children.  It was such a good experience for them just wish it continued in our ward.  I have been a teacher also but organist is still it and the challenge with it is getting use to the different organs.  First a piano then a peddle one.  Then I took lessons on the pipe and loved it.  So in the different wards it would be pipe or Hammond or Rogers and now it is Allen and I am getting use to it.  The rest of my story is pretty well covered in Ira’s history.
howard 1378
* there were at times two histories that contained slightly different information.  I put an * in what this happened.  JLCO

Name Coulson, Virginia Howard
Exam LT Wrist 3+ Views
Date 05/24/2000.0087
...  Finalized Report
Findings: Initial three views demonstrate severe diffuse ostenopenia associated with degenerative osteoarthritic changes of the Navicular-multangular joint.  there is apparent spurring also present in other intercarpal joints.  No acute fracture is identified.  Please not that carpal fractures may be radiographically occult, especially when associated with as much osteopenia as present in this case.  Consider immobilization and clinical/radiographic followup in 7-10 days.  Mild soft tissue swelling is noted.
Impression:  Severe osteopenia associated with degenerative osteoarthritic changes.  No discrete fracture is identified.  Consider followup clinical/radiographic examination...
howard 909

funeral program
howard 855

Virginia Elizabeth Howard Coulson
Virginia Elizabeth Howard Coulson 1910 ~ 2007 Virginia Elizabeth Howard Coulson, age 97, passes away peacefully on June 12, 2007 in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. She was born on February 5, 1910 in Carey, Idaho to Josiah and Louisa Howard. She graduated from Pocatello High School and after moving to California she completed an associates degree in business and a cosmetology degree. Virginia married Ira Rockwell Boynton Coulson on November 16, 1936 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. She served as a ward organist from her early teens until she was 94 years old. She served as Junior Sunday School president, teacher and visiting teacher. As a young woman she was recognized in the local paper for climbing Mount Kemport in Idaho. In 1929 she participated in a marathon dance contest. Her interests were nutrition and exercise, especially taking long walks. She and her husband thrived on fresh vegetables and fruits which they produced in their acre garden. Virginia survived the California earthquake of 1933, lost a brother in World War II, struggled through the depression and food rationing. She loved to focus on the happy things in life. Virginia is preceded in death by her husband Ira Coulson; son Lee R Coulson; grandson Matthew Coulson and siblings John Howard, Leona Andrus, Vern Howard and Melvin Howard. She is survived by her children Larry and Moana Coulson and Joyce and Craig Otterstrom; sister, Verda Watkins; 16 grandchildren; 40 great-grandchildren; five great-great-grandchildren. The family would like to thank Aleesa Burgess and her family for the kind and compassionate care that they gave Virginia. Funeral services will be on Tuesday June 19, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. at the Union Fort 4th Ward, 6710 South 1300 East. The family will receive friends June 18th from 6-8 p.m. at Wasatch Lawn Mortuary 3401 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah and again on Tuesday morning one hour prior to the services at the church. Interment: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.
howard 866

Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected/Purchase Agreement.  (gives expences incoured for the funeral) Total 9,997.00
howard 908

Guest Book for
Virginia Elizabeth Howard Coulson

June 19, 2007
Along with all of you, I mourn the passing of a choice lady who left footprints on my heart, and because of her precious influence, I will never be the same. I love and honor her. I send my love to all of you.
Barb Fullmer (Ammon, ID)

June 17, 2007
It was always pleasing to see and be around Virginia. One of her many gifts to those around her was her example of dedication, as in her work where she never quit until the books balanced to the penny. The memory of Virginia will always be good.
Wendell R Larsen (Nauvoo, IL)

June 17, 2007
Virginia was and still is a very sweet and compassionate person! She will be greatly missed! I wish you all much comfort throughout the mourning of her loss!
Much Love,
Tauna Watkins Barbieri
Tauna Barbieri (Blackfoot, ID)

June 16, 2007
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We are so glad that we were able to see Ira and Virginia the last time we were in Salt Lake.
It is wonderful to have had them in our lives. We will never forget them and will always cherious our memories of them and the times we spent at their home. We know they are together again and happy with Our Heavenly Father and Savior.
Jo Ann & Mike Vail (Northglenn, CO)

June 16, 2007
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.

Janet & Ted & all the Rs.
Ted Rowbury (Birmingham, England)
howard 879

This is a work in progress.  I would appreciate knowing when you find errors. 
HOWARD, Virginia Elizabeth (I63096)
223 7310 Record of Members 1902-1941 Carey Ward, Blaine, Idaho.  Father Josiah Howard Mother Louisa B Park born at Carey, Blaine Co. Idaho 13 Jan 1914.  Blessed by Josiah Howard 5 Apr 1914.  Baptized Josiah Howard 13 Jan 1922.  Confirmed Edw. C. Rawson 5 Feb 1922.  Deacon Albert A. Park 18 Jun 1926  Howard 90

Name Sex Birth Date Death Date Birth Place Death Place SSN Mother Maiden Name Father
HOWARD, VERNAL PARK     MALE     01/13/1914     01/06/1993     IDAHO     LOS ANGELES     558262349     PARK,

This is a work in progress.  I would appreciate knowing when you find errors. 
HOWARD, Vernal Park (I52935)
224 75, Wdr, Artist SAMPSON, Peter Smith (I53377)
225 8 Ormesby Terrace SAMPSON, Charles (I8747)
226 8 Ormesby Terrace DURRANT, Jemima (I162841)
227 8 Ormesby Terrace CRICKMORE, Hannah Sophia (I162849)
228 8 Ormesby Terrace SAMPSON, Frederick Charles Samuel (I162850)
229 8 Ormesby Terrace, shipwright SAMPSON, Frederick (I162845)
230 8, Scholar SAMPSON, John Edward (I23757)
231 81, widr, Cabinet Maker SAMPSON, Peter (I32274)
232 8b 235 SAMPSON, Arthur Wharton (I16410)
233 9 Yes SAMPSON, Mary Ann (I18418)
234 9D 114 SAMPSON, Arthur William (I16379)
235 Calendar of Inquisitions
Thomas Seckford, esquire
Writ 12 Feb. 21 Henry VII; inquisition 17 November, 23 Henry VII
Long before his death he was seized in fee of the under-mentioned manors and lands &c., and by his charter granted them to Robert Warner, William Brampton, John Bysshope, Edmund Purry, John Beale, John Page and John Scoldyng, and their heirs, for the performance of his last will. William Brampton and John Page are dead, and the remaining grantees are still seized of the premises.
By his last will he directed that his executors should take the issues and profits of the premises until his son and heir should attain the age of 21 years, and out of the proceeds provide for his children and help towards the performance of his said will; and that his son and heir should have the premises on coming of age.
He died 25 November, 21 Henry VII. Thomas Seckford, aged 9 3/4 years, is his son and heir 
SECKFORD, Thomas Esq, of Great Bealings (I87462)
236 Lib #15: KH250 "H" (HAWKEYE)
•  A Mark VI Liberator of 355 Squadron
•  Nose art of a cartoonish bird astride a bomb, plus the text HAWKEYE .
•  Shot down (into the ground, not the sea) by anti-aircraft fire during a low-level bombing raid on Port Blair,
Andaman Islands (Burma) on 17 May 1945.
•  Only 1 parachute was spotted by other aircraft.
•  Only 1 crewman's remains were recovered. He had died as a POW.
•  10 crewmen are missing, with no known grave.
•  The aircraft was captained by F/O Totham. It was his first trip with a new crew and they were being "screened",
or observed, by P/O Duckworth, who had completed a full tour of ops with 355.
•  I have corresponded with the kin of one crewman.
Pilot: 177155 F/O Rowland TOTHAM DFC (RAF, from England)
2nd Pilot: 1522985 F/Sgt John Herbert MCDOWALL (RAF, from England)
Screen Pilot: 197862 P/O Robert James DUCKWORTH (RAF)
Navigator: 1804316 F/Sgt Harold Walter EMERSON (RAF, from England)
Bomb Aimer: 187828 F/O Ieuan Anthony MORGAN (RAF)
Wireless Operator: 655366 W/O Harry JOHNSON (RAF, from England)
Wireless Operator: 977546 W/O Hugh CAMPBELL (RAF, from Northern Ireland)
Front Gunner: 179043 F/O Frederick Edward RUMSEY-WILLIAMS DFC (RAF, from England)
Ball Gunner: 1557907 Sgt Leslie BENFELL (RAF)
Mid-Upper Gunner: + 1516012 F/Sgt Harold WYNNE (RAF)
Rear Gunner: 1380358 F/Sgt Robert Murdock Bannerman McPHERSON (RAF, from England)
[ Lib #15: KH250 "H", continued ]
+ Captured after bailing out. He died as a POW on South Andaman Island on 17
August 1945 (after the dropping of the second atomic bomb) and lies buried in
Kirkee War Cemetery, India.

Further loss info: Due to weather, bombing had to be carried out from 2,000 feet. Flak was heavy and accurate. KH250 was hit on its dummy run over the target area at Port Blair, with smoke seen coming from #2 engine. The aircraft turned around, bombed its target, and then gradually lose height until it crashed into the ground and burst into flames on impact. Skipper: 177155 F/O Rowland Totham DFC. It was his first trip with a new crew, under the watchful eye of screen pilot 197862 F/S Robert James Duckworth. Only one parachute was seen, and only one crewman has a known grave: 1516012 F/Sgt Harold Wynne (AG), whose date of death is 17 Aug 1945. Apparently he was captured and died in Japanese hands. He lies buried in Grave 3.F.5 of Kirkee War Cemetery, India. The ten others aboard KH250 have no known graves. 
JOHNSON, Harry (I1093)
237 Manor of Sampson's Hall, Kersey
Copingers 'Manors of Suffolk' is a little confusing. Starting thus:-
"The Sampsons had long been settled at Kersey. As early as 1382 we meet on the Patent Rolls with a pardon to Thomas Sampson, of Kersey imprisoned in Ipswich Gaol and under sentence of death for felony."
Very brief, but so far correct, however there is an earlier reference to John Sampson of Kersey in 1331 and his wife Joanna, and their dispute with Jacob Sampson of Kereseye in 1343, parson of Middleton Church.

Copinger then describes "Simon Sampson, of Kersey, son of Robert, married Margaret, daughter of Sir James Hobart, knight, and was lord of this manor at the opening of the 16th century. On his death he was succeeded by his son and heir, Thomas Sampson, in 1508, when the manor passed to his son and heir, Simon or Symond Sampson."

The only recorded marriage between a daughter of Sir James Hobart and a Sampson was Catherine Hobart and Sir Thomas Sampson of Playford. I can find no record of a daughter Margaret, nor a marriage to Simon Sampson so this is probably an error.

Copingers date of 1508 is also confusing.

An indexed record extracted from parish records give a date for Thomas Sampson's burial of 5 Feb 1507 at Playford, and the following information from Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page The inscription on the church porch, mentioned by Mr. Kirby, reads as follows: "Orate pro Animabus Thomas Seckeford Armi: et Margareta uxs;" and Mr. Weever gives the following memorials from this church: "Thomas Seckford, esquire, Elizabeth and Margaret his wives, which Thomas dyed xxiii. of Novemb. in 1505." "Thomas Sampson, esquire, dyed the 5. of February 1507." (His family resided at the adjoining parish of Playford.) "

The Will of Thomas Sampson dated 10th Jan 1509 requesting a burial in the church of Great Belynggs. He names his wife Margaret, and several children

Inquisitions record Simon Sampson being an heir and kinsman of Thomas Sampson, who was the son of Thomas Sampson Esq. Simon Sampson as Copinger recorded, was heir to Sampson's Hall, Kersey at the turn of the 16th century.

Thomas Sampson died 31 Jan [1509] 24 Henry 7th, and Simon Sampson is his kinsman and heir, who is son of Thomas Sampson gentleman, son of above said Thomas Sampson esquire

William Waller. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Simon, kinsman and heir of Thomas Sampson, of Sekforde, Suff. Westm., 15 Feb. 2 Hen. VIII
(15 Feb 1511) 
SAMPSON, Thomas of Harkstead (I33024)
238 North Erpingham Hundred: Felbrigg
Pages 107-119

In a window of the church of Playford, which was built by Sir George, was his portraiture, and that of his lady, Margaret, and the arms of Fellbrigg, impaling Aspal, azure, three chevronels, or. 
FELBRIGG, Sir George Knt (I33312)
239 Title: Joseph Sampson, cordwainer, of 125 Golden Lane, Saint Luke, is bound over to prosecute Hugh Murphy for perjury Reference Code: MJ/SP/1782/09/033 Level of description: File Parent Reference: MJ/SP/1782/09 Site Location: London Metropolitan Archives Dates of Creation: 1782 Sep 14 Extent: 1 recognizance Access Restrictions: available for general access SAMPSON, Joseph (I42781)
Eccleshall - Tomb of Bishop Sampson: pen and wash drawing

Eccleshall - Tomb of Bishop Sampson: pen and wash drawingShowing the tomb of Bishop Sampson (d. 1553) 'on the North Side of the Chancell in Alablaster,' with an incised slab on the top. There are coats of arms on the side, showing a cross flory between four ...View Full Resource on Staffordshire Past Track

SAMPSON, Bishop Richard (I33460)
241 "Playford Cherche - John Felbrydge and Margery his wyef, in the glass window.
"Thomas Sampson, Esquyer, which dyed in Anno MCCCCXXXIX., and Margery his wyef."
(Weever's Funeral Monuments p.783)

Church Notes
6. Sampson, a cross billettè, and 7. Felbrige, Or, a lion rampant G
8. Sampson, as above, impaling 2 coats. 1, in chief, a lion rampant; 2, in base, three chevrons.
9. Quarterly, 1, Sampson, as above; 2, a lion rampant; 3, Erm., on a chief indented, two lions rampant; 4, three chevrons 
SAMPSON, Thomas (I44027)
242 "They (Sampson) bare g. a plain Cross arg. billetted sab." This is the very shield on E. end of Brettenham
Church, whose owner we hunted for, and the discovery seems to fix the date of our Chancel. In the Notes referred to the writer ventured to date it between 1400 and 1432, and perhaps it may now be put 1421--1423, when Sampson married the daughter of Fellbridge, the Church Builder, of Playford, on whose death he left Brettenham for his Wife's home"
SAMPSON, Thomas (I44027)
243 an inquis. held at Wickham Market, 10th Dec. I Hen. VIII. after the death of Thomas Sampson, sen., found that he died last Jan. 24 Hen. VII. seised of the Manor of Harkstead called Netherhall "held of the King as of the Honor of Wasbroke, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, by one-fourth of a knight's fee."

No 6. Inquisition Post Mortem of Thomas Sampson, esquire.
Circa 1 Henry VIII. A.D. 1509

(Authors note) This document is much faded. The first few lines are illegible, so that the date when and place where the inquisition is held cannot be made out. But in the margin the escheators name is given, John Farechild. He was the county escheator for the last few months of Henry VII and the first few months of Henry VIII. And as Thomas Sampson died in Jan 1509 three months before the death of Henry VII, the date of the inquisition is pretty well fixed. I can only give an abstract of what the jury found.

Thomas Sampson esquire owned a manor called [Sampson Halle] in Kersey, and advowson of the free chapel, premises called Justice in Polstead, premises called Gloucestres in ...sey and Kersey. So possessed he by deed 16 Henry VII (1500-01) granted to Thomas Sampson his eldest son and Margaret, wife of Thomas Sampson his son, and their heirs a yearly rent out of the manor Called Sampson Hall. He also granted to them another annuity. Afterwards Thomas the son died, and Margaret his wife remained in sole possession.

Sampson Hall is held of the lord of Powes as of his manor of Kersey by fealty and service of 20 shillings yearly, and said manor and advowson are worth yearly clear £10.

Some time before his death he granted manors and lands in Freston, Herksted, Holbrook, Wersted, Tatyngston, Awardston, Chelmeton & elsewhere to Sir John Wyngfeld & other feofees to have and to hold to the use of Margaret......... widow, late the relict of Thomas Seckford esquire, for her life, and after her death to the use of Thomas Sampson esquire and the lawful heirs of his body, in default to the right heirs of John Sampson,  in default to the lawful heirs of John Sampson esquire.

Netherhall, which is a manor in Herksted, is held of the king as of the honor of ........., parcel of his duchy of Lancaster, by the service of one quarter of a knights fee, and is worth yearly 100 shillings clear.

Thomas Sampson died Jan 31, 24 Henry VIII [1509] and Simon Sampson is his kinsman and heir, who is son of Thomas Sampson gentleman, son of the above said Thomas Sampson esquire. Simon Sampson is turned 10 years of age. 
SAMPSON, Thomas of Harkstead (I33024)
244 Grant and confirmation by Simon Sampson and Margaret his wife, citizen, Thomas Aleyn, Margarie his wife, Richard fforster and Idonia his wife to John Baldewyn, William Brekespere, John Gerveis and fferanndo de Edyham of Harefield, of all those lands, tenements, woods, pastures, grazings and watermill in Harefield, descended to them by the death of William Knyghtcote father of Margaret, Margerie and Idonia.  ACC/0312/63  19 Jan. 5 Hen.IV. 1403/4 SAMPSON, Simon of Harkstead (I87403)
245 Grant by John Staverton of Suffolk, Robert Thrisk clerk, Henry Jolypas clerk, John Graunt clerk, John Martyn of Kent, William Cheine of Sussex, John Medelton of London, William Northampton clerk, John Howys of Leicester, Augustine Bonefaunt of Essex, John Maldon clerk of London, John Cloos of London. Recites that John Baldwyn, William Brekespere, John Gerveis and Ferandus de Odyham of Herfeld lately leased to Simon Sampson and Margaret then his wife, now deceased, Thomas Aleyn and Margery his wife, Richard Forster now deceased and Idonia then his wife and to the others first named and Thomas Charleton, John Schordych and Thomas Holme now deceased granted all lands etc. with a water mill which John Baldewyn, William Brekespere, John Gerveis and Fernandus had of the gift of Simon and Margaret his wife, Thomas Aleyn and Marjery his wife and Richard Forster and Idonea his wife in Herfeld. This indenture witnesses that the parties have quit claimed the premises to Thomas Aleyn his heirs and assigns for ever.  ACC/0312/66  20 Oct. 1411 SAMPSON, Simon of Harkstead (I87403)
246 Indentures between Thomas Sampson of co. Suffolk and John Otteleye, citizen of London, for a settlement on the marriage of Simon Sampson, son of the said Thomas, with Margaret, daughter of the late William Knightcote of London, and ward of the said John. The said John agreed to pay over to the said Thomas the said Margaret's inheritance, viz. £333 6s 8d, namely £100 in money and the remainder for the purchase of real property, when an opportunity should occur, for the benefit of Simon and Margaret and their children, or, failing children, the legitimate children of the survivor, with remainder to Thomas Sampson. It was further agreed that half of any goods and chattels which might accrue under the will of William Knightcote be used for the same purpose and half be paid to the said Thomas. Dated 9 Feb. 1389. [French] Family F46564
247 Jul-Sep1837James  SAMSON Devizes VIII 427                                         
Family F3503
248 Jul-Sep1837John Robert SAMSON North Aylesford V 351                                         
Family F5090
249 Letters of attorney by Simon Sampson of Co. Suffolk and Margaret his wife appointing William Pynwell their attorney to deliver to John Boldewyn, William Brekespere, John Gervis and Fernandus Odyham lands and a water mill in Herfeld after the death of William Knyghtecote father of the said Margaret with Thomas Aleyn, Marjory his wife Richard Forster and Idonea his wife.  SAMPSON, Simon of Harkstead (I87403)
250 Quit claim by John Aleyn, John Midelton and John Ballyall mercers to Thomas Aleyn of all rights which they have under a fine made midsummer 1404 between the said parties and Simon Sampson of Herksted Co. Suffolk and Margaret his wife of a messuage called Knyghtcotes, a water mill called Ravenyngemyll and the fishery of the river Colne in Herfeld. Witnesses named.  ACC/0312/67  21 Oct. 1411 SAMPSON, Simon of Harkstead (I87403)

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